Ramana: Magic Levitation

Levitating Man Draws Crowd At White House

Dutch magician Wouter Bijdendijk, also known as Ramana, said he couldn’t say much about his magic trick.
“This is an art,” he said. “And in India, they see it also as a science. I hope I make people wonder.”
A crowd gathered to watch the magician’s spectacle. Some took pictures, other videotaped and at least one man checked around Bijdendijk for props.
“I just wanted to show that reality is not all that you think that it is,” Bijdendijk said.

Very Nice 🙂
Ramana website
Video: Reuters and Photos: NBC4

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  1. Uhmm, why does he always have that pole next to him? Reminds me of the “hovering” land speeder in star wars that always seemed to have a rock next to it. Perhaps there’s like a platform on the pole?

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