‘Question’ Handbalance.

Youtube Link: Youtube

Performed by Sergey Timofeev.
Directed by Taras Pozdnyakov.
Gold Medal at 29`th International Circus Festival “Cirque de Demain” (Paris, 2008).

Taras Pozdnyakov has some absolutely beautiful videos on youtube, highlighting his work as a circus director. He’s even choreographed my favourate hand to hand act, Duo Iroshnikov which I didn’t know till the ‘Das Model’ video made it’s rounds around juggling websites and facebook. Check out his other videos if you’re interested, they mostly contain novel props or prop use and appear to be named after the music. (In some cases)

In this video, he’s made a beautiful handbalance act, that features many things I haven’t seen before, including something I have desired to see for a long time, crossed arm hand balancing.

I want this guy to direct my new routine.