Quadrotor robot Juggling 1 ball

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8O5RBcwmjYQuadrotor Juggling – we jugglers are one step closer to obsolescence.
It’s obvious that the real purpose of these things is to sneak into our bedrooms while we buy ambien sleep and kill people. But they won’t be able to kill us jugglers, why not?
Because we stay up all night practicing juggling, so they will have to TRY to beat us in a juggle battle instead.
Fat chance, 1 ball, pah. Come back when you’ve got; 2 Quadrotors, 7 balls and a book of siteswaps. Then a worthy challenger you will be!
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2 thoughts on “Quadrotor robot Juggling 1 ball”

  1. I’m still not sure after watching the linked video if it’s moving autonomously or if it’s being controlled by someone?

  2. Neat though when i first saw this i was also wondering how it is controlled .. Considering other quadrocopterprojects it is most likely autonomous but what sensors it uses would be interesting .If this was hardcoded into all autonomous flying objects we’d be saved once they flip and come after us , just throw balls and they’d be all busy juggling them..

    On another note, has the sarcoman robot ever been covered here? It seems to be the most advanced juggling robot

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