Poi on the Patio


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I like Poi.

But, it’s hard to find videos are go beyond spinning the same tricks as every other video, over and over. But, they do exist.

In this Video, Paul ‘Durbs’ Durbin shows us many advanced patterns, polyrhythm timing, and cool effects you can get with adding in pendulum swings in various places… there’s even some contact poi in there as well.

Durbs also shows us nice ways of mixing Glides with Poi spinning. This video is well worth a watch. however, for you die hard Contact and popping fans (Ryan šŸ˜‰ ) it’s about five minutes of Spinning (Paul knows a lot of Spinning) with zero contact juggling. I like this video.

Paul is part of Burnt Toast, a group of fire performers based in Guildford.

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