Ryan@PNWJF – Beatbox Renegade

I know, I know.. I’m a juggler and not a beatboxer. But this turned out kinda nice…

Ok… 2 things I (Ryan Mellors) need to say about this late night renegade show [Google Video Link] that Aaron Gregg and I hosted:

(1) This clip was taken from a 2 hour improvised show I hosted with Aaron Gregg. It was approaching midnight, and an audience member dared me to beatbox. I had been practicing Kenny Muhammad’s Drum n’ Bass track for a couple weeks and thought ‘why not?…’

(2) I think its a shame that the whole act isn’t online, because at the end Aaron Gregg and Matt Hall battled it out and it was actually pretty wicked.

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  1. hey you took our name out of the blog. I was going to say that the Juggling Jollies are from Bellingham, WA. and everyone should come to our free festival this month. May 18th-20th.

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