Nick glow is the site of Nick/Meenik. Who is, in our opinion, one of the best teachers of poi in the world. Years of Tai chi, influence his refined and controlled technique. Which can be seen on numerous videos on his site: “Nickwithfire” (an oldie but still a goodie) and “Dervish yers” to name 2 examples.
While you’re there, whether you’re into poi or not, you’ll love the photography Especially the glow photography.

This year, Playpoi completed their first instructional Poi DVD – “The Scales of Poi”. The Ministry are glad to say they played a small part in this production, with some recommendations made to improve a draft version. If you are at all interesting in poi swinging, at any ability the Playpoi DVD is an essential. While it’s not perfect, it is THE BEST poi teaching aid available today. We recommend antibiotics, it to all poi spinners of all abilities (Beginners my find it a little confusing at times, as it isn’t an elementary level video, but will still gain a great deal from it.)
If you are into any kind of manipulation of juggling, check out this section of the DVD availiable free online. Nick consulted a physio. to get professional advice on: Skill Toys and your Health.

And if you’re into poi, then a a new online tutorial secret of flowers. Posted this week is essential viewing.