Play Juggling – New Sil-X 100mm Contact balls

0028.jpgNews Flash:
Play Juggling just phoned us to announce that the new Sil-X 100mm is now in production.

The Ministry are super excited about these as we were involved in their development, and had the first 2 pre-production prototypes in November.
Drew developed his dream ball, then handed it over to J9 and Ed for testing and refinement.*

Review coming soon, but the pre-review says: Buy one. If you are into 1 ball contact juggling especially body rolling, this thing can double your consistency!

*Nope, we don’t get any money for it, but, like you we do get to play contact with a lovely ball.

7 thoughts on “Play Juggling – New Sil-X 100mm Contact balls”

  1. ooh 😀 great! I’ve tried these balls and they are faaaantastic 😉 another very nice ball, Davide.. 😉 see you!


  2. I love these balls – a couple things i’d like to share though. the white version is currently far more rigid than the orange one, something to do with the manufacturing proccess apparently – anyhow, was talking with the guy from oddballs at BJC and he said that they’;re changing them so that the white ones will be more like the orange ones, and softer. if you are like me, and prefer the rigid feel, best to get them before they run out.

    1 other thing – the first one i got had a slight problem with the plug, and it developed a leak. it migth have been a one off, or a tragic accident, but if you can make sure to check the plug on the ball when you buy it.

  3. Bazz it’s an interesting point about the hardness. I was happy with the harder balls, but Jeanine and Ed strongly prefer softer balls, I think it comes down to styles of contact.

  4. I prefer softer, squishier Babache style balls. Havent tried these new ones yet.. hope i can get some one day.

  5. Absoultely love it, I’m not sure whether I got one of the hard or soft balls, I’ve had no leakage problems, and these balls are unbelievable…
    Cheers guys for heading up such and awesome Idea… Can’t wait to see what u got next =P

  6. At first I was a little thrown by the Sil-X because it wobbles. Later I started using it for body rolls and really gain an appreciation for them.

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