Plaid! (big Wes Peden video)

This may sound like i am tooting my own horn. That’s because i am : )

Check out the new video! guys!

Plaid is a collection of juggling inventions and compositions made from the love of weird catches and style conscious throws. The film covers many controversial topics such as flipping, up catching, under the leg and backcross desegregation in relation to five club juggling, and what exactly the edition of purple handles has on modern 3 club juggling.

Title: Plaid

Creator: Wes Peden

Length: 30 minutes

Bonus: 18 minutes of B-side material!

Price: $12

You can check out the contents and buy the video at

hope you guys like it!


8 thoughts on “Plaid! (big Wes Peden video)”

  1. @Daniel
    Modern marketing

    i mean i’m not saying you have to buy it or even that you should buy it but there is a tone of manipulation it in and the b-sides so i thought that made it news worthy for a blog that is all about manipulation.

  2. i got it. it’s amazing. worth much more than $12. almost cried from extreme juggle awesomeness.


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