Patrick Lemoine – Hat, Balls and Cigar Boxes.

Ok, so he doesn’t do the robot (nor does he dress the part) but Patrick Lemoine fulfills my requirements for an acceptably awesome popping & funkstyles/juggling performance. His act is composed of hat, 3 ball and cigar box tricks; its a repackaging of a standard vegas-styled act (i.e. the cheezy plastered-on grin and the mindless audience cues) but his dancing is pretty tight and if I try really really hard, I could imagine that Patrick actually has some legit street cred.

Thanks to martyq at rec.juggling for the link

One thought on “Patrick Lemoine – Hat, Balls and Cigar Boxes.”

  1. The video looks old…

    And with that Mullet… He musta had more street cred than you and I put together could ever attain… šŸ˜‰

    Some good locking though šŸ˜€

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