Parkour Soccer – behind the scenes

An interesting ‘behind the scenes’ clip of the acro-freestyle soccer/footballers TEAM RYOUKO from Fifa’s Street Freestyle clip (originally posted by Drew [link], who believes the video uses CG effects) I’m not convinced; and apparently Aaron Gregg (rec. juggling, world record holding chainsaw juggler and generally nice guy) has met these fellows and can attest to their authenticity.

With an increase in computer-manipulated circus and dance videos arriving on the internet, i wonder what effect this will have on the artists who develop ‘real skills’ over years and years of training. What will happen to the juggling world when a shakey, low quality youtube video featuring a teenage girl juggling 19 balls hits the internet and goes viral? Will the public reject all attempts at 7 and 9 balls as ‘easy’ simply because they’ve been fooled by an elaborate viral campaign? What happens when we cant tell the difference between CG videos and ‘real skill’ videos?

[Thanks to the lovely and talented (as in, real skills) Daydream (of OCCJD fame) for the video link]

6 thoughts on “Parkour Soccer – behind the scenes”

  1. I don’t think CG-altered viral videos will have much of an effect on the “juggling world” – at least, not as far as audience expectation goes. Juggling/circus/dance performances are really best experienced live, anyway. Recordings of such things always lose something in the translation…

  2. yeah, but some of it is still fake. Some of the behind the scenes looks fake too.

  3. it looks like most of the individual tricks were ‘real’ however, i think that they were linked with cj. But i wasnt there, and it is truly difficult to say these days. At least half of what alot of us do seems imposible to our audiances, we just keep finding that we can still be awed like them.

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