“Open Wide” – contact juggling

So during the CCCCJP workshop tour last summer, Dawn and I were sitting in a park teaching an informal contact juggling workshop to the locals in Nelson, BC.

Halfway through the workshop, this fellow walks through the park and is like ‘hey, whats going on? A contact workshop! I do that too…” and joins in.  Apparently he lives a quiet life in the little hide-away town of Nelson and practices contact juggling like a mad-man. We pointed him in the direction of www.contactjuggling.org; he joined the forums and then the other day he writes to us; sending a link to this video, asking to be blogged on MoM.

With pleasure, mate! Great video; amazing balance and rolling concepts! Go Canada!
Here’s the www.contactjuggling.org release thread (high praise!)

From youtube:

A Compilation of many of the new juggling moves I’ve been working on in the past few months, mostly variations on the Spiral theme with body rolling, mixed props, and balanceing concepts.

Music Composed Performed and Produced by Luminous Fractal.
Lyrics inspired by the works of James J.( D.O.) and Franklin S. (B.C.S.T.)

to hear more music visit http://www.myspace.com/warpedwalnut

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