Okotanpe – another busking bootleg (you haven’t seen yet)

When you are on Youtube late at night and you are searching through the latest contact juggling uploads (searching for unknown gold), there is nothing more exciting than stumbling onto a bootleg clip of Okotanpe. Shot by some random guy visiting Japan, he thought this ‘crystal ball thing’ was pretty rad and so he filmed it and put the clip on Youtube for everyone to enjoy. I hope he left a nice tip.

Okotanpe’s isolations are tight, and the multiball progression from 2-6 balls is clean with quick changes. Respect to the random tourist in Japan too; he has a steady shot and even manages some nice close-ups.

11 thoughts on “Okotanpe – another busking bootleg (you haven’t seen yet)”

  1. It’s not just that Okotanpe is good, it’s that with every video he getting visibly better.

  2. Still a pleasure to see Okotanpe too! Hope the basking is going as good as what he does!

  3. a beutifull routine! loved the transitions from one idea to the next, and while adding balls .. especially the transition to 2 balls..

  4. OMG this is so cool. i am 15 years old and during the summer i was at a busker carnival and saw contact juggling for the first time and totaly fell in love. i have wanted to learn ever since i bought a ball and have only had it less than a week and i cant find anything on it except video’s. there are no book and no tip;s on the computer except the butterfly and i basically got that. can anyone help me. i want to learn so badly, especially the moon it is so magical. thanks

  5. That’s simply magical! I especially love the ‘pendulum’ idea, I’ve never seen that one before…

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