Ohio – Teruki Okamoto, Yuri Yamamura, and Patrik Elmnert

Wes Peden knows what good juggling is. This time he turns the camera on Teruki, Yuri and Patrik and brings us video so bountifully packed with good concepts that it enriches the whole juggling community.

classy stuff 😉 thanks guys.
From Wes’ youtube:

Teruki Okamoto, Yuri Yamamura, and Patrik Elmnert rocking out the modern juggling in Jay Gilligan’s back yard after the Shoebox Tour. Filmed by Wes Peden.

Teruki is juggling russians, Yuri and Patrik are juggling Play Sil-X balls The rings are Mr. Babache and the clubs are Henrys Delphins.

The music is by Pogo and Errand boy.

don’t forget to subscribe to patrik and yuri. i’ll post it ehre when luki gets an account.