Obsessive Compulsive Contact Juggling Dissorder (O.C.C.J.D)

I would like to take a moment to recognize what a special video Dawn) made in 2006. OCCJD, or “Obsessive-compulsive-contact-juggling-disorder” has become a common diagnosis on the forums at www.contactjuggling.org and helped many of us feel better about our own inability to put our props down. ever. Pretty soon the word will be in wikipedia. There are plenty of hits on google.

Three cheers Dawn. Your ‘outdoor in the snow shots’ are especially lovely. Come join us under the M.o.M. umbrella, we made you a nice new friend and collaborator page.

Do we have any readers with occjd? I know Ed does 🙂

3 thoughts on “Obsessive Compulsive Contact Juggling Dissorder (O.C.C.J.D)”

  1. This condition also includes looking at all sorts of things in one’s home, workplace, er anywhere they go for their object manipulation potential, too. Doesn’t it? Please say yes.

  2. I believe that i would fall into the catagory of people who have this OCCJD….and happy about it!

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