2 thoughts on ““Objectify” by Fourth Shape”

  1. It is so Rad that Jay Gilligan has finally made an appearance on this blog. His genius is deep (and mad) which makes for the best kind of weird science. For me, I’ve always tried to maintain a level of ‘what would Jay Gilligan do?’ in my approach to stage performance and stuff; while I’ve never known him personally, I’ve learned a lot from the tiny glimpses I’ve been lucky enough to see (as a Canadian on the west coast, there isn’t a great variety of juggling shows coming to town)
    Rock and roll! This is good stuff.

  2. Oh btw Wes, you need to click on the appropriate ‘categories’ (right hand side menu in the posting screen) otherwise it defaults to ‘contact juggling’ (and shows up on the main page of http://www.contactjuggling.org) so uhh… categorize! it helps with related links and general organizing of awesome things.

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