Object Factory – Remi pt1

Jonglage, Contact et Experimentation -Right on πŸ™‚
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The concepts in this clip are brilliant.
Experimental, Juggling, Contact, Contemporary Dance, Object manipulation (with all kinds of sculptural objects), Morphers, video projection and more.
This video is, in places a bit long 9min, but well worth watching it!
Remi and Object Factory – www.contactball.com

In answer to your next question:morpher.org.free.fr

One thought on “Object Factory – Remi pt1”

  1. Where can i get some of th…



    Not sure what to make of this, TBH. There’s some moments of GENIUS in there, that’s for sure. Also, there are some moments of: I want some of HIS drugs…

    I did like with the video projection, at one point, the two shapes floating around and the shape of his arms made a smile. That was a nice touch. i like smiles.

    I agree, thin line between Genius and Madness.

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