No Sweat – Contact Staff – Kev-Mic-Jon-Oli

contact staff in Brussels 2
Starring: Jon Crott, Olivier van itterbeeck, Michael Tono and Kevin Arleri ( yes… the brother of Dimitri Arleri)
Cinetagraphy by Francois Dubois and Editing by Ladislas.
Super skills, super filming, super editing. WoW.
Thanks to EVERYONE who sent this to us and posted it on “suggest a link” especially Maelle.

7 thoughts on “No Sweat – Contact Staff – Kev-Mic-Jon-Oli”

  1. So on this one, I posted it last night, but only set to become public at 13:37 today. About 2 hours later, Meg popped in to post it as well. WordPress doesn’t strongly flag up that there is a pending post, so Meg dodn’t see it, hence the double post. But yes, i agree, this one is good enough to post twice 😀 (Double post deleted).

  2. No worries about the communication problems, this is an amazing video!
    Anybody have any idea about the specks of the staffs? (staves?)

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