No login needed to comment now

Hi, It seems like askimet spam filter is working perfectly on the blog comments, so I’ve disabled need for you to login to comment (e-mail address needed, but that stays private).

Yipee, no more forgetting your password and no more adverts for bigger firmer longer lasting Viagra in your area.

I wish I could find an excuse to blog my favorite cheezburger blog but sadly its off topic…oh well.

10 thoughts on “No login needed to comment now”

  1. Sure you’ll get more comments with this!
    Well I’m going to study this spam blocking system for my own site…

  2. Is it possible to know when new comments are posted?
    If not no problem, just warm up my index finger to scroll up and down! :O)

  3. Hi lawrens. It’s a good suggestion. There is an RSS feed for comments. But even I don’t subscribe to that. We’re having a site revamp, so I’ll have a think about it, I could pull the “latest comments” list from the admin area and put it visible on the site

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