Nimi & Dimitar Crystal Balls

Nimi and Dimitar crystal balls session in Barcelona, February 2010. This video is receiving high praise over on .org

Dimitar just popped in to post it on Suggest a link.

Hola, chicos! Saludos de Barcelona.
This is a short video we filmed with Nimi here last month with 2 crystal balls:
Thank you for your page!
Hugs till we see each other around,

This is one of the most inspirational things I’ve seen in a long time, and one of the most beautiful contact juggling videos ever. I look forward to seeing it live. Wow, Thank you so much for sharing it Dimitar and Nimi. Smiles Drew

10 thoughts on “Nimi & Dimitar Crystal Balls”

  1. Very beautiful.
    I thought the cuts were too quick in the beginning, but there is some amazing stuff here. The headrolls on the ground and the foot to knee and back was so smooth!

  2. thanks for all the good responses

    we did this video in few hours, searching for new stuff,

    after seeing the video, we deiced to work together on short number show.



  3. so so wonderful and inspiring! the slowing down, playful hands, crazy finger stalls (i’ve got to stop biting my nails!) and expansive body movements!! Thank you! I needed this video to rescue me from the clutches of my clubs!!

  4. Nimiiiii!!! Dimitarrrrrr!!! galactic brothers, congratulations my friends!
    See you soon!

  5. Fantastic video, loved the headbalances and the one finger stalls. What is the music, by the way?

  6. Truly Awe inspiring…..the highest level of exquisite skills…wonderfully contrasting styles…working in this way together…it’s hard to imagine anything more lovely than this….and the music too…mmmmmm.
    Eternal thanks for posting this….

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