New Windstyle Video from Bishop

Aragorn Boulanger aka Bishop recently released this video of his Windstyle waving, with an element of HipHop dance. Filmed in may 2008, in Paris. My favourite popper at the moment, I hope he can make it to the UK soon.

His very unique style of waving (That is pretty damn hard) keeps me entertained for hours. An 8 minute video packed with awesome movements, and great use of surroundings.

If you’re interested in learning to dance this way, Aragorn is giving a five day intensive workshop in the JonglierKatakomben on the 19 -23 jan 2009 inclusive. I wish I could afford to make it. Great skills, in a great place to hold a workshop. Hang on, isn’t that where The Ministry are holding a workshop in April? 😉