New Staff [Manipulation] DVD trailer

Ooh, a new Staff [Manipulation] the DVD film, produced by Meghan MCP Pike and Steve NX Wilson – who edited the MoM video Foundation 720.

They tell us:

… featuring tonnes of instruction, in which Meg teaches staff in the correct manner as well as an inspiration section with some of the hottest names in European spinning talent.

It’ll come with some desperately hip, self-referential blurb on the back of the DVD, much better than this. But any blurb wouldn’t be complete without some unwarranted hype, so we’ll just say that this DVD is going to more awesome, more action packed, and more informative than everything in life, ever. Meg says: “I’d buy it, if I weren’t making it.”

More info e-mail to: at
Or see mcp – firestaff tutorials

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