New MoM Contributor: Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson can roll a ball from his foot to his head like nobody’s business. He has a great eye for juggling and manipulation videos too, and so he is joining our crew here at M.o.M. and will be contributing videos alongside myself, Drew, Ed, Moon and MCP.

Kyle can also hold 9 balls up for an impressively long time… which makes us all feel a little insecure.

Welcome Kyle! glad you could join us!

Kyle Johnson: Previously on MoM

9 thoughts on “New MoM Contributor: Kyle Johnson”

  1. Kyleee!
    Great and creative Cj! welcome and congratulation.
    Sure you are a great colaborator. You create a lot of new waves and trics for the audience of MoM explore in the Cj and Mb.
    Greetings crazy ninjaaaa!

  2. Ha..yes indeed…spent some very happy hours with Tim some years ago at the fantastically wonderful Bristol/Brizzle/No.1 convention….Kyle get someone to tell you about it…better still come along to it this coming September. Thanks…I will watch Tim again…top bloke!

  3. Hey Kyle cheers again for all the great posts so far. Its been pretty amazing watching your progress. Here’s to sharing a beer in London next year
    *high five* mom 2011 is going to be a big reunion party, i think. with workshops. all over the place. I’m hoping we can actually get the whole contributor gang together in one place (until then, somebody should probably photoshop a picture of all of us in the same place, religious montage style)

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