New Feature: Related Posts


Browsing circus videos at the Ministry of Manipulation just got even more addictive.

We’ve installed a ‘related videos’ plugin to help you discover some of the past content that has been featured on our site. Click the post title, and just above the comments for each video our super-intelligent robots (from Japan!) have prepared suggestions for past videos that are just as awesome as the one’s you’ll find on the front page of our site.

Every new video leads to MORE awesome videos you may not have seen yet. Check it out! (and let us know what you think in the comments)

4 thoughts on “New Feature: Related Posts”

  1. Thanks luminous.

    It still has bugs, but i think its a great way to let our users browse through older content. Part of the reason why we didn’t have it before was our archive of posts wasn’t large enough to generate interesting results. But now that we’ve been running for 4 years, there is a lot of innovative & influential circus material for the server to sort through.

    The main problem is: the server queries the database each time a page is viewed for the results, and our busy little site is working hard in the background. I’m having issues with occasional unresponsiveness (the browser sits waiting for a page to load, but nothing happens for minutes on end..) Is anyone else experiencing this?

  2. yes that makes good sense about needing an interesting library.. So far the feature has been working fine for me..

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