New Dance and Acrobatics Videos

Seems like nowadays all my inspiration comes from dance and acrobatic videos… and whatever Wes Peden posts…

Lewie West made a new video:

YouTube Link

Seems like everytime he posts a new video, I’ll have to blog it. Sweet.

Ronan showed me a very old video of an amazing dancer and he just popped back onto the internet with a new collaboration video:

YouTube Link

And the video that Ronan showed me which is still amazing: YouTube Link And thou the above video may contain some weirdness, this one contains pretty much just awesomeness and a lot of titles.

Finally, a man blogged on this blog before, Olivier Mathieu and his friend:Thierno Thioune. Doing some dance that even Ryan will think is amazing:

YouTube Link

Going off to dance now… 😀