Multiball Contact Finished!

Multiball Contact – Your first 10 years.
Yippee. Mulitball Contact the book, is completed and has been sent to the printer.
Fingers Crossed, the first copies hit the shelves on the 16th of January 2007. SRP £15.99.
Want to see what the covers will look like, theres high res versions over with the sample pages.
Stay tuned for Euro and Dollar Prices and details of how to pre-order so you can be one of the first to get your hands on this book, the definitive guide to Multiball Contact with 3 to 11 balls; Palmspinning, Pyramids, Snakes, Formations, Morphing and a whole load of Technique.
Tired, but happy.

8 thoughts on “Multiball Contact Finished!”

  1. Drew, you’re wicked. Congratulations to finally getting close to the end of this project. Can’t wait to get a copy.

    I wanna pre order. 😀

  2. Drew…from what I’ve seen, you have taken this art to a whole new level. And I would be a Fool, not to get a copy as well.
    Congrads Buddy..I know from experience, that it ain’t easy to create something like this, let alone ‘Ace It’…and from what I see….
    You Aced It!

  3. Wow.. the legendary Ferret speaks 🙂

    Yup.. Drew is good at this stuff. The book will be wicked; maybe it will spawn contactjuggling_2.0.

  4. amazing! any idea what shops will carry it?
    defintly hit up some USA shops!
    or beard, that way i can oder this and in isolation all in one package =)

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