Moschen, Wiggles & a Rhythmic Gymnast

If juggler-illusionist Michael Moschen, Hip Hop pioneer Mr Wiggles and superfly Rhythmic Gymnast Charlene Edwards were to battle it out, live on one stage, who would win?*

That we don’t know. But we do know that Ann Marie DeAngelo put them and others on stage in The Variety Show at Annenberg Center, Philadelphia in 2001.

Compulsory viewing but there are bits in this clip that you’ll probably want to fast forward. Sorry about the audio!

*After seeing her Bodyrolling and ribbon, my money was on Edwards…. Until Moschen busted out with the hoops – the original and still the best, no one can isolate a hoop like Moschen. But wait, what’s that Wiggles waving through Moschens ring…OMG, OK you decide.

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5 thoughts on “Moschen, Wiggles & a Rhythmic Gymnast”

  1. OMG cool! I didn’t have time to watch this when you blogged it, and today for some reason i remembered it. So cool! This made my day!

  2. Was great to watch this again… the collaboration of wiggles and moschen is a wierdly fascinating thing to contemplate.

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