More Spinach from the Ubergeek.


Youtube link: More Spinach Please

Rob ‘Bluecat’ Thorburn, Gives us a taste of geek with a new Poi spinning video. I like Rob. i like his spinning too.

At Bristol juggling Convention, he was able to astonish a group of jugglers (Including Jea9) with his poi spinning. Rob is one of the most innovative poi spinners I know, with a zest for the uber geeky, and the uber silly.

This video explores a lot of negative space concepts with poi, along with some silly tangles as well. The video was shot at 6am in Salzburg Train Station (Why he couldn’t use his own back garden like most other spinners, I don’t know). Hopefully videos like this shall bring about a more technical wave with regards to Poi spinning, and show to people: hey! they do more than just make pretty circles!

I love Rob (platonically).

Check out more of Rob’s activities at

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