Moon – Moogeng training

Hi everybody 🙂
after acrylic party in bruxelles, I’ve studied a little these “Moogeng”. They are acrylic made S sticks, quite similar to Buugeng.
this is a little vid of me training with them. Sorry if I’m not so clean, but they very hard to use in my opinion and I haven’t studied them so much.
hope you like it 🙂

hugs from italy

4 thoughts on “Moon – Moogeng training”

  1. Isolations in general and things like buugeng and club spinning are some of my least favourite forms of manipulation because I often find them rather boring. But after watching this video and that stick + hoop video a few days ago I’m really beginning to change my mind. Maybe you’re “not so clean” Moon, but the stuff you’re doing in this video is absolutely fantastic to watch. Well done.

  2. ahhhh! breathtaking! i’ve had a hard time finding buugeng sized for me… maybe i should get some of these. where can i find a set? google is failing me!

  3. …looks pretty clean to me….!!! GREAT STUFF….beautiful shapes & illusion creating time shifts…I loved it.

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