Moon Interview – contact in my hands

A newly discovered video from the awesome Moon!

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Moon is an Italian contact juggler and bounce juggler who was featured on our Blog a few months back with a Discovery Channel feature. I managed to have a small chat with him about his work and his ideas regarding contact juggling.



[MINISTRY] : how long have you been contact juggling?

MoOn : I started… 2 years ago

[MINISTRY] : what inspires you?

MoOn : I was inspired by the cjers: Ryan and Jago (note: Ryan and Jago worked together as Full Moon Performers from 2005-2007). And of course..something about me.. I do contact juggling when I need to think about something. everybody I believe, from Michael Moschen.

[MINISTRY] : Where do you want to go with your contact juggling?

MoOn : I’m not a pro, but I don’t know if a day I’ll be. intention is to become a good contact juggler, and try to use all the techniques.
now I’m working on IMPERFECT CIRQUEL project, but in winter I’ll do some new videos..bouncing and cj, I believe

[MINISTRY] : can you tell me how the ”discovery” video happened?

MoOn : Sure. They found me..they’ve seen my videos online

MoOn : and they mailed me by GIOCOLERIA.ORG

MoOn : and so..I went to Milan (I’m from Rome)

[MINISTRY] : How much do you practice?

MoOn : now I play 1/2 hours a day..usually more bouncing than contact..but when I was learning, I’ve done 5-6 hours practice too

[MINISTRY] : what do you think about when you are contact juggling?

MoOn : uhm..usually I think about my problems It helps me to solve them..but sometimes I think about tricks and new ideas..I can say cj is an inspiration and a refuge

[MINISTRY] : ok.. and last question:

[MINISTRY] : what do you think is the future of contact juggling?

MoOn : I don’t know..maybe the future is dance..or manipulating objects in general.. creating illusions with objects in our all daily lives..

MoOn : surely I can say that contact jugglers level will be increased, and some new ideas will come out

[MINISTRY] : thats great, thanks Moon!

MoOn : thank you!


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  1. 🙂 from 2006. He had only been contact juggling for 2 years!
    awww… little did he know that HE would be the future of contact juggling!

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