MoM/BishoP Workshop, Berlin, 5-9/Oct/2010

Aragorn Boulanger aka Bishop and Ed Adams of the Ministry have decided to team up to bring you the most in-depth and high level Isolation and Illusions workshops ever given.

Aragorn will be responsible for making the impossible possible as he teaches Animation techniques with the body. He will mostly work on time perceptions and distortions. The stillness, or immobility, will be the first step. But it is to discover laws of the flow. Isolation will be a priory skill of course but we won’t spend much time on this. There will be more focus on global time and living movement awareness. That’s how Aragorn will introduce energy changes and bring pupils to popping, ticking, strobing, rewind, matrix effects, etc…

This will constitute half of the teaching day.

the following two hours will spent with myself, Ed, to bring you an acute awareness of the space around you, and the power of your own imagination to enhance the overall effect of your isolations.

Emphasis will be put on spatial awareness, balancing the body as a whole and culminating in precise use of individual muscles, as we methodically explore the pathways of the invisible geometry all around us and break it down into tiny, little bits only to put it back together again as we see fit. Together we will explore ways of keeping our fixed point fixed, reacting to music, using our breathing to make movement easier and more natural and effective looking, as well as loads of new isolation variations and ideas.

couple the techniques taught by each of us together, and we will be able to truly make the impossible possible. Don’t know where isolations can go? Let us show you. 🙂

October 5th to the 9th inclusive., To be held in the Juggling center Berlin.

*places limited to 20*

see the juggling center Berlin website for more details, and how to book a place.

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  1. Wow…that’s fantastic…feel like I’ve waited years to see this level…same buzz as seeing Dave Elsewhere a while ago. Keep up good work Bishop…and of course’re spoiling us!!!! (thank you)

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