MoM Layout Updates

0028.jpgHi, have been messing with the Layout of MoM. What you have at the time of posting is not the new look, just an intermediate that I’ve been using to develop the new code. It should work, but colours fonts and layout need work.
Put it live to test a few details, if its broken for you, wait 30 seconds, refresh (I’m changing lots), and if its still broken please e-mail me.

New thing: Social Bookmarking stuff: see “share this” below.

Other news is down again. Boo hoo. Got withdrawal symptoms?
and Youtube to start featuring video adverts 🙁 double boo hoo.

7 thoughts on “MoM Layout Updates”

  1. Hey really like the new ‘Share This’ pull down menu. Nifty. Pity to hear about gootube.

  2. fyi, if you click the share this link from the rss feed, you are just sent to the MoM welcome page. Not sure if that’s right? Still nice plugin though.

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