Ministry Workshop – Canada 2008

Ministry Canada
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In our efforts to spread creative contact juggling techniques, The Ministry is sending Ryan and Daydream across Canada to teach an all-levels official contact juggling workshop in 5 parts: History, Butterflies and Curves, Multiball, Isolations and Lines, and a Show and Tell at the end. The workshops were held in the following Canadian cities. Click for the completed series links.

Vancouver, British Columbia (July 13th)
Victoria, British Columbia (July 15th)
Nelson, British Columbia (July 19th)
Calgary, Alberta (July 22nd)
Edmonton, Alberta (July 26th)
Regina, Saskatchewan (July 29th)
Winnipeg, Manitoba (July 30)
Montreal, Quebec (August 18th)
Toronto, Ontario (August 14th)

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All workshops will run for 2-3 hours during the date specified; cost is $20-35 depending on venue/etc. Specific location/pricing info will be made available to everyone who contacts us. The email is:

Previous Ministry Workshops:
Berlin 2008, CLIPS
Vienna 2007
London 2006

17 thoughts on “Ministry Workshop – Canada 2008”

  1. On the google maps insert you have Toronto listed but not in that list, are you coming to toronto? (I hope so!!)

  2. Added Toronto for the 2nd or 3rd (we are still arranging a workshop location).

    Sorry, I dont think we will be making it further east..

  3. Wicked!!
    ill try to catch the calgary one, maybe the vancouver one if i can make it =]

  4. hey Ryan I just wanted to know where can I register for your Vancouver workshop

  5. We’re spreading the word around Montreal, at least the contact jugglers here. I may even head along to toronto as well.

  6. no chance of coming to toronto before August 1? that’s the day I leave for the EJC, which makes me happy but now also sad that ill miss this workshop.

  7. Hi Louis.
    We will be passing through Toronto en route to Montreal, should you fancy an impromptu park-juggle

  8. I wish I could go, but I think I may be working. I will try to get to the Calgary one. Where is it?

  9. First workshop tomorrow!!!

    Keep us updated, guys. Best of luck (Not that it’s needed) and hope everything goes smoothly.

    So when do you start the driving?

  10. UPDATE: We got stuck in massive traffic en route to Calgary, so the workshop date has been changed from the 21st to the 22nd

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