Ministry Suggestions

Chinlone Ball
We are 1. Yes the ministry has been around for just over 1 year. So what should we do with this website next ?

  • Move the Blog to the front page?
  • Finish the links page?
  • Code: Convert it to A full on CMS (probably Joomla) Rather than the current wordpress/css hack?
  • Produce up the beginners guide to Ball Contact?
  • Make another web video like hangar fun2?
  • Make our own Television station?
  • Post a whole week of hula hoop videos?
  • Blog more videos of XXXXX?
  • Insert your suggestion here in the comments?

4 thoughts on “Ministry Suggestions”

  1. Hangar Fun II all the way!
    The links page is awesome btw, but if finishing means more quality links, do it!

    Happy Birthday MoM. You guys are awesome!

  2. Hey, please do another video like Hangar fun, looks fun to you and its definitly fun to us too ! No hesitation…

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