Ministry Workshop – Berlin 2009 – TRAILER

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Mmmmmmmministry Berlin 2009…

Oh my god it was an amazing experience. we had people coming to us all the way from Australia and the United States… not to mention most of Western Europe being represented there. Such a large group of friendly, inspiring and interesting people helped to make the week in Berlin the huge success that it was.

Take 40 jugglers from all over the world, add in a twist of Jea9, a squeeze of Moon, a handful of Kelvin, A sprig of Colin and Ed, and then season with a pinch of Meg, and you end up with an official workshop of epic proportions. My brain is only just recovering, and I was one of the teachers! I hope the students will be able to come and give us their accounts soon too, but I think we melted their brains pretty bad…

Anyway, in the meantime whilst the we take the time to separate all the awesome moments that make up one amazing week in order to bring you a more coherent review, I’ll leave you hanging some more with the video trailer, sent to us today by Lhupo, who was commissioned by the Katakomben to film the event. Look out for an article in Kaskade magazine too…

More Lhupo: Lhupo’s channel on youtube

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  1. Epic…!
    I will give my account after a while, I just need time – I’m a slow one. But it was fantastic! πŸ˜€

  2. can’t wait for the full vid (and the interview!! :D) πŸ™‚ good work lhupo! πŸ˜€

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