Ministry Berlin… The Evidence!


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Here it is, Folks!! The video we’ve all been waiting for! Proof that it happened!

MEGA thanks to Moon for putting this together, and MEGA thanks to all who star innit… 😉 Moon says, sorry about the wait, hope you like it!! I’d say definitely worth the relatively short wait. I can’t imagine it was easy to decide what footage to cut and what to keep…

As for the content… Do I really need to go into details? 😉

14 thoughts on “Ministry Berlin… The Evidence!”

  1. OMG that made me cry. I love it. WE NEED A HIGH RES VERSION. its very important.
    thank you.

    I’m gonna have to come back and visit soon… *sigh*

  2. Amazing.

    Very well well weeeeell done Moon.
    Thank you very much for that.
    When will be the next one :o) ?

  3. yeah i guess that was okay. ;p
    (that was facetious understatement by the way)
    i want to come play in europe.

  4. Great vid. Was a fantastic weekend. My brain seriously hurt after it. As a new contact juggler it really gave me so many new ideas, and bloody hell, i better get a move on! I am really really looking forward to 2010. Its gonna be so much fun 😛


  5. easy manipulation buddies,
    ive just started out at poi, and just bought a staff,
    heard on the grapevine you have meets in london, am i misinformed?
    would love to learn from the greats.

  6. This is awsome…thanks Moon!!!
    and thanks to everyone at the workshop, I had so much fun & got so much inspiration and motivation!!It was really nice meeting you all – can’t wait for the next one!


  7. Great stuff. Wish I could have been… :sigh: Thanks for the vid =)
    Anyways, who’s that at 1:15? Did he travel the furthest to be there?

  8. At 1:15, that’ll be Maro. He’s from Japan, but residing in Berlin at the moment, and is a katakomben regular. He’s good.

  9. hi! wow!!! that looks great! I live in Spain, and I have been contact juggling for a while now. I wonder if I could join one of this sessions someday! could someone email me and inform about the next meeting pleeeeeease!!

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