Ministry Workshop: Berlin: The Aftermath

Ministry Berlin

I guess a lot of people are wanting to know what happened, huh?

Well, My head is still reeling. The workshops were IMMENSE. Hmmm… Those capital letters aren’t big enough for that word…

Once again, the bar has been raised for Contact Juggling, Only this time, the ground is nowhere in sight. According to feedback given, the workshops were highly valuable and informative, with ALL skill levels involved, and everybody able to take away valuable knowledge and inspiration in order to keep busy for years to come. I have seen the future (of Contact Juggling) and it is good. I’m going to be keeping a close eye on several people… Close friendships were formed, and re-formed, with everybody leaving at the end of the 5days a little tired, loaded with information, and sore facial muscles from all the smiling.

Moon’s Multiball Teachings… well, he blew MY mind. And I thought I’d seen it all. Kelvin’s vast knowledge, experience, and amazing personality made his workshops extremely fun and valuable. Jeanine’s approach to bodyrolling, creating routines, and learning in general was greatly sought after and helped so many people get to grips with so much information. Colin’s dancing classes really helped students to think more about their body, and my isolation classes and small numbers multiball workshops helped students understand many fundamental ideas behind what we do, and then to take those ideas, and take them further, in any direction they chose. The only problem, was that there were too many activities to choose from each day!

As well as structured classes, there were more open, exploratory sessions for routine building, The use of the Katakomben for the duration, and far too much skill sharing and inspiring to shake several sticks, poi, balls, arms and indeed anything else we could get our hands on, at. ‘Extra Curricular Activities’ included trips to Berlin city centre, the Jewish Memorial, and various vietnamese and falafel restuarants, where civilians had no idea what to make of over 15 people walking along the streets, and travelling the trains with a ball sat on their heads… Some lovely filming was done by many people, with Moon making the official Ministry Berlin montage.

The katakomben were extremely pleased with how well their Largest and most popular workshop ever (!!!) panned out, that the management have already asked if we want to do another one…

In summary, We did good. Real good. Really, so much happened, that one post is not enough to do it justice. You’re gonna have to wait for the clips. Meanwhile, I need more sleep in order for my blown mind to heal…

Innit. 😀

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  1. Whooo Berlin! That was quite an extraordinary experience, sort of like the most intimate and friendly convention you could ever
    go to. From the second I arrived at the katakomben, sleep deprived and confused on the Wednesday I was inspired by so much and by so many people.

    Considering this was the first time something of this scale has been attempted by the Ministry I think we were all impressed by how smoothly it ran and the sheer quality of the workshops. Obviously the occasional teething problem popped up but from my point of view it held together really well.

    The teaching line-up was fantastic and I now have two new heroes in the forms of Kelvin and Moon, both of them teaching things I’ve never seen before and both of them really lovely people.

    Berlin was a really good location as well and the trips out with head-stalls will stay with me for a long time to come, I was glad I got a bit of time to explore on my own as well, it’s a fascinating city. (I apologise for anyone who tried to speak to me on Sunday, I went a bit mental and had to de-stress with some parkour so I disappeared quite early on.)

    Hgh Points: Moon’s big number workshops, everyone being so lovely, Berlin, being able to stay and train for up to 13 hours a day if we so felt the urge, German fast-food, snakes, Dzi3lak’s second set in the show :D, Ronan spinning poi like nothing I’ve seen before… and lots of other stuff

    Low points? Catching the Katakomben Sickness which has me coughing my lungs out this morning and did for Amberina on the 13 hour journey home.

  2. Yay!! More views from other people very welcome! Keep ’em coming! The more the better.

    As for the coming down with the sickness, twas horrible. It had me crippled on the monday, and travelling back was so not fun. Rest and Vitamin C seemed to do the trick, though. 🙂

  3. I’m not so good with words..
    Just a really big honour for me teaching and learning new things from you all, meeting you guys, and share experiences and ideas. It has been one the most incredible experiences I’ve never lived.

    innit! 😀

    see you in the next one


  4. first of all, thank You all for such great time in Katakomben. It was my first time there, and I will remember it to the rest of my life 🙂

    I’m very sad that i wasn’t able to say this on feedback meeting, have so small aumont of time there, so my “speech” was quick and didn’t covers all my feelings 🙂 I enjoyed workshops very very much, esspecialy Moon and Kelvin calsses, becouse my goal was to lern big numbers and two-three balls bodyrolling. And it was great, Kelvin humor is so good “it’s my knee, the weather must be changeing” LOL 😀
    Moon did exelent workshops, 20 ball 3 hand piramid with him was big honour for me 🙂 I liked seeing his big number stuuf live, and exploring “bonus” moves, that I can’t do, but speaking about ideas only, was sooo good 🙂
    Ed workshops was very well organized, and very detailed… a big + for You man 🙂 Jea9 classes was very interesting to, exploring so many ideas of movement and bodyrolling was great!
    The “two workshops on the same time” system have it bad sides, I wasn’t able to be at any of Colins classes 🙁 but i hope I will get them on next MoM workshops 🙂
    It was wonderfull to see so many contact jugglers in one place, seeing old friends and meeting new faces. I hope we will see all together on EJC!
    And big thanks for Daniel, my host who rescued me from sleeping on the streets of Berlin 😀
    Respect to all

  5. Really really nice week.

    Thanks all for all.I have a really bad english so i just want to say thank you.Now i have lot’s of way for working.
    See you

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