Ministry Workshop – Berlin 2008 & ‘KataMoMben’ the 2nd

Remember last year, The Ministry gave the workshop of the contact juggling year in February? Maybe you were there, and had an amazing time, learning so much information in five days, or maybe you were sat at home, kicking yourself, thinking how cool it would have been to hang with us and a plethora of other crazy contact jugglers in Berlin… we made this video to make you jealous:

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So we’re giving you another chance. Yes, once again the Ministry of Manipulation are teaming up with the Jonglier Katakomben to give you their biggest workshop ever! Only this time it will be bigger, better, even more nutritious, and on the 6-10 April inclusive. Behind the scenes, manipulation ministers have been working hard to bring you over 30 hours allocated teaching time, more spaces, more in-depth and a wider range of workshops along with the extra curricular activities, which last year proved to be such a success.

Whether complete novice having only just picked up their first ball, or seasoned professional, we will fill your head with so much information, it’ll be close to exploding.

Alongside the all star MoMcast of Jea9, Colin and Ed to teach, we also have two special guest teachers. We have Das Supertalent that is Kelvin Kalvus ( added to the line up, who proved to be such a hit last year, along with a special appearance by Moon. We’ve all been working hard to bring to you the best teaching, and the best techniques to help you get the most out of your manipulation.

For more information on booking and prices, go to the KataKomben Website, and click workshops.

Limited spaces, so book early!

6 thoughts on “Ministry Workshop – Berlin 2008 & ‘KataMoMben’ the 2nd”

  1. Hmmm… I’m wondering if I can get the money together to go…
    And get the time off work… 🙁

    Really hope by the time I get everything together there’ll still be a place for me 🙂

  2. Will be there such workshop around june or july or august or maybe next december? I love contact so much, but I’m leaving from berlin now and can’t came back so soon.


  3. I am a juggler I need to contact a jugglers to do with them so if you have pealse send me your e-mial. i am from Ethiopia.

  4. Directo de uruguay …buenas buenas…muy bueno toda el movimiento que estan haciendo. Felicitaziones por los logros y por todo lo demas, espero alguna vez visiten Uruguay para compartir un poco, saludos !!!

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