mariko mori – Miko no Inori / Shaman Girls Prayer

A small extract from Miko no Inori
Ryan and I have been waiting for more than 5 years to post this, ever since we saw it as an installation at the Tate Modern. Unfortunately there is very little about it online:

This figure comes to life in the video Miko no Inori, carefully turning a crystal ball over in her hands while transfixing the viewer with her gleaming eyes. A recording of Mori singing a haunting song in Japanese plays in the background to enhance and intensify the unsettlingly beautiful performance. By assuming the role of shaman-a human being who acts as an intermediary between the earthly world and an unknown spiritual realm-Mori imbues her futuristic techno-spectacle with a sensibility derived from Far Eastern transcendental religious beliefs.

There is no contact in this video, just a big crystal ball, to quote Ryan: “Wouldn’t it be awesome if she did just the smallest contact isolation at the end of the video.”

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