Mika Quartz – Bulles de Cristal

Mika Quartz seamlessly blends contact juggling with magic. Can’t find words to describe how good this is, Just watch it, and wish that Youtube was high resolution and 3D like real life!

It’s the dream for contact jugglers, to reach the point where the audience no longer know, if you let go of the ball, will it fall to the ground or float to the sky. And it’s rare joy for this jaded old hand of the Ministry to experience that sensation again.
Thank you Franck, One of the best clips we’ve seen this year.

Mika/Franck also in Frankfort previously on MoM.

9 thoughts on “Mika Quartz – Bulles de Cristal”

  1. Truly inspiring. If I progress to be 1/100 as good as this guy I will be happy…

  2. Hello, I can not view this video but I am guessing this is Mika who does the magic with the crystal ball on the streets of Paris~!! I met you on New Years last and got your e-mail (you are Japanese/French right?) as I will be using some video footage of you in a short art film. Please e-mail me so I can send you a copy. That is if it is the same Mika 🙂 THANK YOU chen_babie@yahoo.com

  3. Hello,
    actually I’m Mika not Miki ! Miki Tajima is another (very good!) parisian contact juggler. And my artistname is mika quartz, and my real name is Franck Faver. 🙂
    To everybody : thank you sincerely for all your comments.

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