Michael Moschen on L.A. Law!!!

Friday Fun once again.. this is a ridiculous find.

Moschen That’s right. The father of modern manipulation has had a few gigs as a TV actor. He appeared on one episode of L.A. Law (US Crime/Drama)

I dug up a description of the 1994 episode on TVGuide.com

Episode Detail: McKenzie, Brackman, Barnum and Bailey – L.A. Law
A ballerina (Gelsey Kirkland) sues a dance company for breach of contract; an aging juggler accuses his protégé (Michael Moschen) of stealing his act; and Benny dances around a commitment to Rosalie (Kathleen Wilhoite). Alex: Roy Dotrice. Uhler: Carl Carlsson.

Is there anyone “1337” enough to be able to dig up this episode? Surely you uber torrent seekers will be able to dig it up, no?

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  1. The LA Law episode that my brother, Michael Moschen, is in is Season 8, Episode 11 on youtube. Here’s the link:
    Click here: LA Law Season 08 Episode 11 :: “McKenzie, Brackman, Barnum & Bailey” – YouTube

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