Michael Menes – 1990 Creative 3 ball showcase

More Michael Menes 3 ball stuff. I remember seeing clips of this performance from an Old VHS called ‘The beauty of 3 ball juggling’, anyone remember that?

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  1. I for sure DO remember “The Beauty.” That’s still a good video, I think, and young jugglers would benefit from checking it out. A lot of jugglers on there have very clear juggling styles — easy to see what’s going on — and signature styles, too.

  2. I have the 1990 IJA VHS. This section is one of my favourite juggling videos ever! I interviewed Viktor Kee and he mentioned Menes as an influence, and this video really makes that connection clear.

  3. A friend gave me a copy of that when I was first starting out. I still go back and reference it when I need some inspiration.

  4. Wow, so amazingly precise. And it’s interesting to see a lot of a influence Menes could easily have on Komei and his recent videos. Gorgeous video, thanks!

  5. Wow. A new favourite. Brilliant.
    I feel like I’m seeing this 18 years too late.
    So precise, so clean, such good timing.

  6. I used to watch this ALL the time…..truly a classic…this and Peter Davidsons solo routine on the Paul Daniels show…..pure class!
    So glad to find it here ….it’s on some old VHS tape knockin’ around somewhere……

  7. …And YES..the beauty of 3 ball juggling…”Juggling is a mighty river if you will, a triumverate (?) of Head , Hands…and Heart”…..how true !!

    But despite the commentry…and sometimes because of it …a brilliant video….a really good record of where 3 ball juggling was at the time…..does anyone remember…’I don’t like to have any space in my pattern at all.@ with a guy doing the tightest BOX you’ve ever seen….sweet.

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