11 thoughts on “Metra – Free Drive Multiball Contact”

  1. Hell Yes!!1!
    This gets added to my list of favorite Multiball Contact Videos.
    Great lighting, great set up, style and so smooth.
    An instant classic, and so likely to go viral soon.
    I see a lot of good influences on his style and vocabulary, most notably, the excellent multiball work of Pich.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. wow… that is after making me decide how im spending my weekend…2.41 made me go oohhh ahhhh ooohhhhh too…

  3. that is so awesome! im not a contact juggler but jeez….that gave me good ideas….

  4. nice. antispin for the win. I think I’ll have to play mutliball today. 🙂 Danke

  5. hola soy de honduras(tegucigalpa)….
    well am not a multiball contact juggler
    am just capable of doing it with one….so you can imagine the inpired I am..
    congratulations whatever be your name and nationality… peace.

  6. Mindbogglingly brilliant…..I must say I went ‘whooooooaaaaahh ooooo…aaaaaaahhhhhhh’ way before 2.41 .

    keep’em coming…it just gets better and better !

  7. I’m really impressed by what I have seen!)I loved both the performance and the music!!does anybody know what soundtrack is used in this video?))thanks in advance for help)

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