New MoM Contributor: MCP (Meghan)

MCP > You guys suck. There’s loads of great videos you haven’t posted.
MoM > Think you can do better?
MCP > Yeah!
MoM > Yeah?
MCP > Yeah!!
MoM > Ok then…But no rude words.

Introducing, MoM’s first guest blogger, someone who spends even more of their life than us – on teh internetz watchin’ teh videos of teh manipulationz!!1! MCP, I wonder how many days before she finds a way to plug her new staff DVD?
Over to Meg for the next week.**

disclaimer: There may be fireworks, in the case of MCP insulting any or everyone, the Ministry denies all responsibility.

3 thoughts on “New MoM Contributor: MCP (Meghan)”

  1. You guys suck, you used the wrong icon. :p

    I might have to plug my DVD just cos you didn’t manage to ever review it… why? Cos you suck perhaps? 😉

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