Masaki Hirano

A 2nd promotion video by Masaki Hirano (produced by Juggler Senjyu)

I remember a drunken pub conversation with London’s Matt Brown which went like this:

Ryan: “Is juggling cool?”

Matt: “No. Magic is cool. Breakdancing is cool. Juggling though… at least to the rest of the world, isn’t cool. Its geeky”

Ryan: “But what about Matt Hennem? He’s cool”

Matt: “Thats because Matt Hennem is disguising his juggling as breakdancing”

YouTube link

Masaki Hirano is cool. With his blend of 3 ball juggling and tutting, he makes us forget that we are watching something innately geeky. I mean, just look at those shades, baggy jeans and that ‘I’m bored” expression. Awsome.

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