Mariya Rachickaya – Hand balancing with contact juggling

WoW, here at MoM HQ, we though we’d seen Multiball Contact Juggling, until this arrived in our inbox this morning.
Absolutely unbelievable – this is just brilliant, highlights at 0:47 and 3:05, and and hold out to the end for an awesome way into 8 ball palmspinning.
We cannot find out anything more about Mariya Rachickaya online, perhaps one of our Russia readers can point us to her professional webpage.
With Thanks to Thomas from Flame Oz for the link.

6 thoughts on “Mariya Rachickaya – Hand balancing with contact juggling”

  1. it’s just amazing ! unbelievable and wonderfull… une magnifique prestation surtout combiné avec de la contorsion, dommage je n’ai pas non plus trouvé d’autre vidéo d’elle. La fin est superbe, de plus elle aussi.

  2. With my
    long-ago-learned Russian, I was searching for here. I tried


    Ra – ch/tch/tsch – i – ck/ts/s/ ka -ja/ya in Russian and Belorussian Google.

    combined without or with “artist / artistka / zirk / bal/ manipulazija…”

    Result: 0. 🙁

    We’ll find her. 🙂 Any native Russian speakers out there?

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