Marco Paoletti in Galway

Marco has incredible skills, and is such a fun and bouncy person to juggle with. This video shows quite a lot of Marco’s diversity. Looking at the youtube title of this video, he has a new DVD coming out soon as well…

This promo video is well produced, filmed and edited, as well as the amazing manipulations. Although 8 minutes long, a joy to watch, apart the moments of pure disbelief accompanied with ‘OMG he didn’t just do what I think he did!?’

Thanks Splinter for pointing me to this one 🙂

2 thoughts on “Marco Paoletti in Galway”

  1. awesome video! great skills!
    the titanic part is so funny xD

    p.s: does he use the bounce balls for juggling too?

  2. OMG!!!, The Music is awesome! Cliff would be proud!

    The juggling is cool too… =p

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