Manipulating cubes: day.1

Hi! 🙂
..this is a little vid showing the ideas I’m working on in this period with cubes. Nothing so complex (but respecting lines, trajectories and fixing cubes in space is not so simple.. :P), still no falls or diagonal translations (I’m not enough clean to show them). Even I’m not sure I’m on the right way, but advice and crytics are more than welcome! 😀 thanks for watching ^

hugs for all


3 thoughts on “Manipulating cubes: day.1”

  1. I love the idea! Dont even any advice or crytcis…just started with Ball a few months ago.

    But it looked nice already, keep up the beautifull juggling.

    a juggling friend to be,

  2. great stuff moon. Exciting on a concept level; this is deeply appealing to me.
    nice ideas working on a flat surface; would have loved it if you could have picked it up the larger structures and moved it around.

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