Luminous Fractal : 4th Iteration

Wow with a crazy title like that, it makes you wonder who reads this blog.

Great rolling ideas in this video. It seems Ben (that Canadian guy with all the nicknames) , has posted a new video on DotOrg; which is better than his last one. They are both gems, but this one is especially ridiculous.

From Youtube

Some of my newest tricks and favorite clips from summer/fall 2009.

Music Brewed,Siphoned, and Bottled by Luminous Fractal, with Vocals by Lunar Lorna.
All Media © 2009.

4 thoughts on “Luminous Fractal : 4th Iteration”

  1. Thanks GJ! and thank you Ryan! It makes my day to see this up here 🙂 Its a real pleasure to get to share this with all of you excellent jugglers..

  2. Damn this is good, and so different.
    I GOTTA get off my ass, but this is exciting seeing all that is happening with contact since the lonely days of me and MM

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