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  1. Meh. He’s not bad, but his stuff isn’t as technical or precise as Vova Galchenkos 3 club work, IMO. I know he beat Vova one year, but I think the judges gave Luke way to much credit for his lame “arrange the clubs rather than juggle them” tricks. They look stupid, and they’re easy. You can tell, because everyone is doing them.

    On the other hand, how many people have you seen do 3 club reverse backcrosses with reverse spins?

  2. Luke Wilson is a good juggler, but a master of ”arrange[ing] the clubs”. There is a complex system behind his manipulation work, involving musicality & rhythm (beyond just basic 1-2-3-4 counts), symmetry and kinesthetics. That is why we are featuring him here.

    Luke fits our criteria for ”what we love to watch and share.” Personally, I’m not really interested in 3 club reverse backcrosses with reverse spins. Its just ”difficult”.

    You’d have to show me more than that to impress me. But again.. thats just me. (do it in an 80’s style breakdance routine, and i’d think it was pretty cool)

  3. I still can’t come to an understanding of what people like about routines like this. I gather from your response to my snarky and poorly formed comment that it isn’t pure difficulty you are admiring in Luke’s performance—despite calling his routine “Very technical”, “Very Clean”, and “Very precise”. What is it, then?

    Luke’s routine follows the mold set by his music, and right from the very beginning, it seems to be designed to make it feel like someone is stretching and twanging your nerves like a rubber band. He is so caught up in the decorative aspects of his performance (musicality, rhythm and kinesthetics) that he seems to have entirely ignored the meat of his performance—the actual Juggling! It’s like the gold ring in a pig’s snout. No matter how much you polish the ring, the pig is still going to be ugly.

    Musicality is usually considered a relative of math, and that is what makes it possible to create routines that work in a formulaic sense, but stink when it comes to aesthetics.

    Watching one of Vova’s three club routines is like flying. He moves through a variety of fluid and difficult tricks so fast it’s hard to keep up. It just about makes you breathless watching. Yes, his work lacks the polish that Luke obsesses over. But at least he has an entertaining base to work off of.

    I think most people are economically minded at heart. In economic terms, something is valuable only if it is rare. This is why difficult tricks done well are more enjoyable to watch than easy tricks done to a common sense of rhythm.

  4. Hey Brer Licky, thanks for commenting.
    Some people like apples, some people like oranges. I like fruit and I like smoothies.

    This post is about Luke’s performance. A very good display of skill by a very good juggler. I also wouldn’t judge a performer by one performance, nor if possible by one or even several online video. I think that little youtube videos have at best 10% of the impact of a live performance.

    It’s doesn’t have anything to do with Vova (who is also a very good juggler). We’re always happy to receive suggestions of videos to blog, if you want to suggest one that particularly highlights Vova’s performance. E-mail to: info@ this domain . com

  5. “It’s like the gold ring in a pig’s snout. No matter how much you polish the ring, the pig is still going to be ugly.”


  6. I dont understand you Brer.
    If you dont like that kind of juggling,then please dont watch it and dont criticize it. Maybe its better for both of us 😉

  7. I didn’t know I wouldn’t like the video until I watched it. Most of the video’s the guy’s here post links to I do like, to varying degrees. When I see a comments section on a blog like this, I tend to think that it is for leaving your opinion on, or disscussing the video with the other commentators.

    As it happens, I didn’t care for this one, and didn’t really understand why it would be described as technical. So I left my opinion. When I checked back and read Drew’s response, I realised my first comment was not well made, and didn’t really convey my point. So I tried to clarify it.

    If this is not what this section is for, please let me know. I will apologize and desist.

  8. of course not. we like to hear everyone’s opinion, as long as you are telling them in a well mannered way. I mean, calling them stupid isn’t quite nice, is it? rather just say that they’re not of your taste or something like that. I know you apologized for it already but i wanted to make it clear.

  9. No worries man. It was a misunderstanding I guess.
    Glad to have you reading our blog! We try hard to dig up good stuff that most everyone will love.
    I’m posting a Vova clip because of this thread.

  10. I wish I had spotted this commentary before…but I have probably missed the boat. Highly entertaining chaps! For what it’s worth I can appreciate what Brer is saying and also respect his slight change of tune in the light of what Drew said ( good one Drew ,by the way). That said Luke is a fantastic juggler whose influence on sequnecing/arranging or whatever you want to call it has been huge.

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