Learn Moonwalk Video

YouTube – learn Moonwalk

Watch the first 12 seconds! to see some very clean technique for a moonwalk.
The rest of the clip is the classic moonwalk lesson – in French, but comprehendable for Anglophones. Save it for when you want to learn.

4 thoughts on “Learn Moonwalk Video”

  1. While his technique is worthy of going against Michael Chambers, It’s technically a backslide, not a moonwalk… 😉

    But i forgive this typo as you don’t study this terminology like Colin… 😆

    Very good technique, though. (I reckon the shoes help…;) )

  2. I knew some pedant would post that, but decided to call it a moonwalk anyway. I’m just amazed it took you 6 hours :P.
    Who’s this Michael Chambers guy?

  3. Err…


    no doubt Tasbin is good and clear as a professional dancer. But Shrimp has FLAVOR out yazzoo

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